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Irrigation Recording and Management App

This page has further information related to the irma water usage app.

IRMA (Irrigation Recording and Management App) was developed by EID. They have allowed BRID to adapt the app for our use. It is used by our ditchriders to record and track water usage within the distict. It also has a map of our current distribution network. As a water user, you now have the ability to log into IRMA to see your water usage. You will need to download and complete the sign up form (in .pdf format):

Water User Sign Up Form

If you own or rent land in the Hays area, please use the form for Hays:

Hays Blocks Water User Sign Up Form

**Note: If you own/rent land in the Hays area as well as outside the Hays area, you will need to use both forms**

Once compete, email the form(s) to us at:

This will be used to create your credentials. We will assign a random password. We will then let you know what your sign in credentials are so that you may sign into the system. If you would also like to see lands that you are renting/leasing, be sure to enter this information also. We expect to be able to provide you access within two weeks of recieving your completed form. When your information is updated in our system, we will email back the form with your password and the URL for the irma website.

You will only be able to see water use records for land that you own or rent. Once this is set up initially, you will not need to contact us again unless there are changes to the lands you own or rent. Landowners will be able to see records for land they are renting to others.

To log in, go to the irma site. You will see a screen similar to: irma initial screen

Pick the login icon shown here: irma login icon

Enter your credentials and pick "Sign in": irma login entry

Your should now be signed in and see the parcels that you entered into your Sign Up Form. The parcels that are grey are not currently irrigating ("off" in our system). If they are green, they are currently irrigating ("on" in our system) as shown in the example below. irma example1

To see what our system has for your water order history, click and hold the parcel you are interested in. You should get something similar to: irma example2You can scroll up and down to see the rest of the details. Once done looking at that parcel, click the 'X' to close this window and select another parcel or sign out with the icon that looks like a door.